April 2019 Meeting Notes (Open Discussion)

Vice-President Melissa Barton opened the meeting with introductions.

The meeting started with announcement that the All-Stars Accounting Professionals, website has been redone (www.asappdx.com)  and is up and running.  Members should have received an email with directions to log-in but if you didn’t go to the log-in section and request a password.

With the log-in, members can self-manage their information.  To start everyone needs to update their profiles.  If members want, they can coupons and other promotions.

Events will still be managed with evite but will be listed on the website.

Another new item is the group is going to try virtual meetings and events.  Hopefully, members who can’t make it to the in-person meetings will be able to join us virtually.

Melissa Barton, Vice-President, lead the group in a discussion regarding tax season:

·       Most agreed that tax season was busy as usual with a few clients making things harder for us

·       One suggestion was, tell the client that if they don’t get back to you on “suspense” items that all transactions will be moved to the “owners draw” equity account.

·       Most had moved to a 1099 program and had good comments.

·       State of Oregon now allowing on-line payment of new State Transit Tax, if your client doesn’t have that ability call OR revenue on line and see if they can add it.

·       A podcast by Cloud Accounting is followed up some of the members.  It can also be found on Twitter.

Discussion then moved to QuickBooks town halls and what members thought of QuickBooks offer bookkeeping live.  Seems to be similar to their TurboTax live, they can help with issues but will still need professionals.  There is a phone center open in Idaho, might be an option for people to add another revenue source and work for a phone center.

·       Nov 1st meeting will be on 2018 tax changes.  Meeting will be at Meals on Wheels located at 7710 SW 1st Ave., Portland, OR 97219.  11:30-1:00 pm and it is a bring your own lunch style meeting. 


·       Dec 6th is our annual holiday celebration at the Stockpot Broiler restaurant, 8200 SW Schools Ferry Rd. Beaverton, OR 97008.  We have the place and you get to order/pay for what you want.  11:30-1:00.  Take a break before the Jan. craziness begins.