Meeting Minutes February 4 2016

Kim Boaz opened the meeting with member introductions and each person describing a goal for the New Year.  She also asked who was accepting new clients, with nearly all attendants raising their hands.  We discussed that on Facebook, it would be helpful to have information about our businesses including the types of software we use, client industries, etc.   It was mentioned that if we used Facebook for members to check in for a meeting, it would help our profile. Kevin Minkoff mentioned that there are rumors QuickBooks desktop might be terminated in the future with only online QuickBooks service available.

Kim passed a goal setting paper to each member attending for their use.  Melissa mentioned we should have deadlines for the goal setting for our group to help us stay on task.  One of our group goals is to come up with a mission statement.  Sandy recommended having 3 mission statements and allowing the group to vote on their favorite one.  We also need an introduction letter for those who show interest in our group.  We will also need to create a registration packet to send to those interested in registering with our group.

Kim had a bowl filled with goal setting questions and asked several members to select a slip from the bowl, read and then answer the question.

Next, Kim asked us to think of a “wow goal”.  She explained that a “wow goal” is something that scares you but that you really want to do.

The next meeting will be at Tim Hess’ Westside conference room near Washington Square.  We will have an open discussion about how each member can contribute to the group.  The meeting will be on Thursday March 3, 2016 from 11:30 – 1 PM.

At the close of the meeting, Melissa mentioned that QuickBooks no longer allows syncs unless you are logged in as administrator.  Forms 1099 require this before efiling.  Kevin discussed his QuickBooks hosting program.