August 2018 Meeting Notes- Lani Grass, Backstage LLC

Meeting Minutes- Bullet Points

August 2, 2018


·        President Kim Boaz opened the August meeting.  Attendees introduced themselves and provided shout outs for members who helped them in some way during the last month. 

·        Today’s speaker, Lani Grass, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, founded a branding and coaching business called Backstage, LLC.  The main topic of discussion was using our personal brand blue print to promote ourselves.  Branding today is different mainly due to social media.  We need to focus on building core values and attracting clients based upon those values.  She discussed client attraction and what personal branding means to each of us.  Personal brand is what others say about you when you aren’t in the room.  We need to be as consistent in our online profiles as we are in person. 

·        Next, brand promise was discussed.  A brand promise is what the client will receive.  A good brand offers value.  Be intentional about the qualities you want to have or become.  Ideally, others should know how we are unique from the competition and why we should be hired for the job.   Take time to consider what you are personally passionate about and how you can be intentional and consistent with the qualities you wish to be part of your personal branding.

·        We were challenged to answer the question “If I could create change in my community and there weren’t any barriers, what would I do”?  The take away was to find what you love and build on it.

·        In addition to the services each one of us offers to the public, it is important to consider the emotional benefits we offer, such as removing stress and allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.  How do clients feel once we have helped them?  Consider focusing on our benefits on our websites.

·        The time and location of the next meeting is Thursday September 6, 2018 from 11:30 – 1:00 at the Meals on Wheels location at 7710 SW 31st Avenue, Portland OR 97219.   The topic is cyber security.  Our next social event is scheduled for Monday September 24 with the Woodard Group.   If you have any ideas for future social events, please contact Kim.     Please share this group and our website with others you know and on social media.  The more people we have in our group, the greater the collaboration. 

The All-Star Accounting Professionals website is not currently working.  We are looking to move to a new platform.  If anyone knows of someone willing to help us, please let Kim Boaz know.  A PSU student intern was mentioned as an option.  The next Woodard Group meeting is August 13 at the Chapel Pub.


October 5th Meeting Minutes - Social Media Marketing

All Star Accounting Professionals Meeting Minutes Bullet Points

October 5, 2017

  • President Kim Boaz opened the meeting by having introductions of members and guests. Kim mentioned that October 26 is our “Meet Our Members” Event.
  • Speaker Coordinator Summer Hiett introduced today’s speaker, Karla DeSantis. Karla works at Impact CFO Services.  Her topic was Social Media.
  • Facebook is the most popular of all US social media sites. One of every six minutes is spent on a social networking site.  66% of online adults and 44% of small business decision makers use social media.  Business to business companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month than non-blogging companies.

Karla next turned her attention to the seven ways to dominate Social Media.

  1. Posting frequently equals results. Inactivity is dangerous. Tools for posting include Buffer, Oomph and Facebook ads.
  2. The three most common platforms are Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Facebook allows you to show your personality.  Linked In tends to be mostly for professional use and extensive industry networking.  Twitter is for short posts.
  3. Deadline reminders – photos are more engaging than plain text. Online tools include Pablo, Canva and Pix.
  4. Ask questions to engage your readers. The readers start to answer the questions in their mind.
  5. Vary your content. The content should not read like a billboard ad.  Videos are good.
  6. Make it personal. Consumers love to feel they have personal connections.  Show your humanity and come out ahead of your competitors.  Feature an employee and post a photo.  Include social events.
  7. Inspire your audience. Search for inspirational quotes that inform and inspire followers.  Testimonials are very helpful but make sure to ask for permission from the client.

Our group was given five questions to consider.

  1. Can you answer this? “Only we …..”.
  2. Can our culture nurture and sustain a social media transformation? Budget, content and vision will not determine your success if we don’t nurture this change.
  3. Where are our customers and competitors?
  4. What is our source of rich content? Blog, video, podcast? Make it in depth, searchable and quotable.
  5. What does success look like? Set expectations and metrics ahead of time.  Are those expectations realistic, achievable and focused?

Kim Boaz asked if people are using Alignable.  It is similar to Yelp.  You get noticed if you post an event or ask a question.

One way to acquire new clients is to join groups such as Linked In and answer questions.  You can be seen as an expert.

  • C. is a member of the Woodard Group which meets at the McMenamin’s Chapel Pub at 430 NE Killingsworth from 11 AM – 1 PM. They discuss business and exchange leads.  Presentations can include software that integrates with Intuit QuickBooks.  Meetings are free but there is a fee to join the National group.
  • Our next All Star Accounting Group meeting will be Thursday November 2 from 11:30 – 1 PM at the Meals on Wheels location at 7710 SW 31st Avenue, Portland OR 97219. The topic for the meeting is planning for Year 2018.  December is our holiday luncheon located at The Stockpot Restaurant at 8200 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton 97008.  Remember, the group does not meet in January but resumes meetings the first Thursday in February.