March 1, 2018 Meeting - Xero Demonstration

Xero Software March 1, 2018

President Kim Boaz opened the March 1st meeting with introductions.

The meeting was a demonstration of the Xero software program by Sarah Courtney and Tina Miller from Xero.

Xero was started 15 years ago in New Zealand and introduced to the United States in 2012.  The program was developed to have access to accurate, up to date financial information.  It is a cloud-based program that uses bank and other financial institutions continual online downloads.  It was developed for small businesses. Each account can have unlimited users and updates to the program are done every 3-6 weeks.   There are currently over 600 add-on partners, including T-sheets, hubdoc, shopfy and square allowing users to customize the software to fit their company’s needs.

Xero has several pricing points depending on the business needs.

Sarah and Tina then gave a demo of the program.  When you become an advisor, you get a free subscription to the program for your business.  Xero has online training videos along with Xero U, Xero TV and a certification program all free for advisors.   Their Facebook page is Xero NH America.

It was a good presentation.  Xero is worth checking out.

April 5th meeting will be an open discussion, bring your questions, issues and recommendations of things that work.    Meeting will be at Meals on Wheels location at 7710 SW 1st Ave., Portland, OR 97219.  11:30-1:00 pm and it is a bring your own lunch style meeting.