February 2nd 2017 Meeting Minutes -Bullet Points


February 2, 2017

  • Kim Boaz opened the February meeting asking each attendee to introduce themselves, provide shout outs to other members and allowing each member to state a goal they have for 2017.
  • Alicia Katz Pollock was today’s presenter and provided a slide presentation on QuickBooks Online. Alicia is a QuickBooks trainer with Royalwise and offers QuickBooks training and classes.    She specializes in QuickBooks accounting setup and questions.
  • Alicia mentioned that QuickBooks Online (QBO) does many of the same functions as the desktop but in different places. She discussed the QuickBooks Labs option and the Audit Trail.
  • The cost per month for QBO is $40 for the Plus version, $30 for Essentials and $15 for Simple Start. Wholesale pricing for clients is available to bookkeepers and accountants, where the client pays you instead of Intuit.  Alicia provided a helpful tool for cleaning up errors in billable expenses  and discussed management of rules to classify transactions for Bank Feeds.
  • QuickBooks Online be backed up but you must use Internet Explorer. Select the “gear” icon, then export data.
  • It is also possible to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro or Premier if none of the Enterprise features were used previously.   Use //royalwise.com/?p=9793 to help convert your file.
  • Alicia next explained several keyboard shortcuts including “Ctrl-Alt-?” for a shortcut list.
  • You can have the software be used as a calculator by doing a calculation in an amount field.
  • When working between different areas of QuickBooks, you can open multiple tabs by right clicking on the tab and duplicating a tab. You may need to hit the refresh button if you make changes and want to see the results.
  • To see two different files, you would open two separate files, each one in a different browser, such as Chrome and Firefox. Using Chrome incognito allows for a cleaner experience.
  • You can use your browser’s search function (Ctrl-F) to search within QBO as well.
  • Alicia’s contact information is as follows: Alicia@royalwise.com; info@royalwise.com; 503-406-6550.  You may also sign up for their newsletter on the Royalwise website.  Thank you, Alicia, for a great presentation!