August 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes - Getting to Know You

ALL STAR ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS, INC. Meeting Minutes Bullet Points August 3, 2017

  • The August 3 meeting was held at the Meals on Wheels location in SW Portland. The purpose of today’s meeting was to get to know each other’s specialties.
  • We broke into smaller groups and discussed questions listed on the overhead projector to get to know each other better. We discussed the kind of clients we worked with, software, apps, any specialties and our experiences. At the end of our small group session, we came together again as a large group and explained what we learned about the other members in our small group.
  • This exercise was helpful to get to know our fellow members’ services and specialties better.
  • Please see the complete meeting minutes for August 3, 2017 if you are interested in a short comment about those who took part in the small group exercise.
  • There is an upcoming All‐Star Accounting Professionals social on September 21 at Grand Central Bowl at 6 PM. This is an event for the entire family. Please come and join us! Address is 808 SE Morrison Street, Portland 97214.
  • If you are interested in joining our group, please go to our website at
  • The next All‐Star Accounting Professional meeting will be held on September 7, 2017 at the
  • Meals on Wheels location at 7710 SW 31st Avenue, Portland 97219.