Meeting Minutes March 3, 2016

Meeting Location: Tim Hess's Office Kim opened the meeting and we passed business cards.  Those present introduced ourselves and shared one thing that makes us happy.   Anyone interested in facilitating a future meeting should contact Renee Trump. Melissa Barton facilitated today’s meeting.  Her question to the group was “How to find the right clients?”  Melissa shared her background with us.  She stated that she has learned a lot about personalities by running a small business.  As a group we shared stories of client’s personalities.  When asked what traits we wanted in a client, we stated trust, patience, communication, flexibility, appreciation, respectful, open minded, willing to pay for services and responsive.  In deciding whether to accept a client, we many times use our intuition.

The next meeting will be on April 7, 2016 on the Eastside of Portland at Kevin Minkoff’s office