Meeting Minutes October 1 2015

Kim Boaz opened the meeting with member introductions and each person describing what they had received as a member of the group.    From noon until 12:45 we viewed a webinar of Hubdoc narrated by Bridget.  Hubdoc is a software program that allows quick entry of documents that are captured using your cell phone.  The software reads the vendor, date and dollar amount and allows for quick entry into Online QuickBooks, Xero or Freshbooks software.  It does not currently work with the desktop versions of QuickBooks.  The invoice is saved within the program for easy viewing.  Every night Hubdoc searches for new documents available to save such as bank statements and credit card statements.  The price is $20 per month per client and there are discounts after the 5th, 45 and 100th client.  Bridget has generously offered each member of our group a free Hubdoc account.  It saves multi-year data.  The company started in March 2014 and the servers are located in Canada.  Kevin mentioned that US social security numbers and HIPAA information may not be stored outside the US. For our November meeting, we will do a recap of the year and we’ll have our second annual Christmas lunch in December.

Before adjournment, Darren Gray reminded us of important considerations to discuss with our clients including health insurance plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), retirement plan elections and contributions and consideration of harvesting investment losses to offset investment gains.