Meeting Minutes September 3, 2015

Kim Boaz opened the meeting and had each person select a name from the group.  She encouraged everyone to acquire the contact information of the person’s name they drew and meet to get to know each other better. Kim briefly recapped some highlights from the August meeting.  She mentioned that E & O and liability insurance for bookkeepers averages $875 per year.  Kim recommends calling Colleen Byers of Pacific Benefit Consultants at 1-800-588-8688 or emailing at to discuss insurance needs.  If you mention that Kim Boaz is the daughter of Donna Corwin you may receive a better rate.

Our group is officially registered with the Oregon Secretary of State and we have a fiscal year ending June 30 so the IRS Form 990-N will be due November 15.  Kevin provided Web Title software for $76 that could assist with our website.

Diana Chung volunteered to be secretary for the group and Sandy is co-secretary.  Dues will be $50 for the first fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 and $60 per year thereafter.  Starting October 1, you may send Linda Lagraff your dues.

Our group will meet on the East Side at Kevin Minkoff’s office for a Hubdoc webinar.  Kevin’s office is located at 11618 NE Halsey St., Portland, OR 97220.   Hubdoc allows scanning receipts and connects with our phones and banking.  For our November meeting, we will do a recap of the year and we’ll have our second annual Christmas lunch in December.